Our Story

I never set out to share my home-made BBQ sauces and rubs with the world, but as every parent knows, raising a child is not only one of life's most fulfilling challenges; it also leads you down paths you never expected taking in life. Now, add in your child having a chronic illness, condition, or disability, and your role takes on an even greater purpose.

Like every parent in this situation, my wife and I became overwhelmed by the emotional price of raising a seriously ill child. If that isn't enough to create hardship in your life, you are quickly forced into having to figure out the financial implications of your child's illness. For me, I wasn't comfortable leaving our family's ability to care for our daughter's life-long medical needs to jobs that can quickly come and go. 
Serving in the Air Force shaped me into a man with a tenacious work ethic. With a military mindset, experience, and framework, I knew the best decision we could make for our new path was to finally take my talent for BBQ sauces and turn it into a family business. 

I started Big Daddy Hills BBQ from a passion for flavor, a dislike for high fructose corn syrup, and a craving for natural ingredients. Perfecting my BBQ sauces and rubs was just a hobby, something I enjoyed and loved sharing with my family and friends. Every year the demands would increase, everyone wanting more of my culinary creations, and when push came to shove, I took that step to bring this passion to life as a full-time business.

Today we proudly continue to bring my flavorful mixes to not only our beloved family and friends but to everyone who enjoys quality BBQ. As you can imagine, a journey filled with learning about a child's disease comes with the study of nutrition and how what we put into our bodies is essential to our health. I have always used natural ingredients in my sauces and rubs and will continue to use only the best, healthiest ingredients in Big Daddy Hills BBQ. I hope you enjoy every flavor we create; each ounce is bursting with delicious, wholesome goodness and filled with passion and gratitude.

I genuinely and sincerely thank all of you for your support of our family business.
- Lee Hill