Experience the perfect harmony of sweet and savory with our Mutha Cluckin' Oink Rub. This exquisite blend combines the rich sweetness of brown sugar and honey with a medley of spices to create a delectable caramelized crust on your meats. Ideal for ribs, pork, chicken, and even vegetables, this rub adds a mouthwatering depth of flavor that will have everyone coming back for more. Transform your meal into a gourmet delight with our Mutha Cluckin' Oink Rub, and savor the irresistible taste of sweet smoky barbecue perfection.

Gluten Free, No MSG, No Aritificial Ingredients, No B.S.

Customer Reviews

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Sheila K. (Seattle, WA)
Mutha Cluckin Oink- Garlic Beef Rub - Texas Brisket Rub

WOW, the flavor is intense and really gives my taste buds satisfaction. I use the Mutha Cluckin Oink on popcorn to give it a zing. Spray popcorn with Olive Oil Spray and sprinkle the Mutha Cluckin and you have yourself a great bowl of popcorn. The Garlic on vegetables takes them to a new savory adventure and as for the Texas Brisket Rub- works on all meats and leaves them mouth watering. Try them all, you really won't go wrong!!!

Jodie T. (Salt Lake City, UT)
Love everything about Big Daddy Hills!!

We have tried almost all of the sauces and rubs Big Daddy Hills has and liked all of them. Our favorites are the Mutha Cluckin' Oink Rub and Texas Brisket Rub. They never disappoint and I think we use it on just about everything we cook! We love to be able to support local small businesses.

Bart N. (Black Diamond, WA)
Best out there!

I’ve tried many different seasons, this is the only one in my cupboard now. Great stuff.

Alan M. (Henderson, CO)

Love Big Daddy Hill products. Our family fave is Muther Cluckin Oink Rub. Best rub ever on pork shoulder and ribs. Love it on wings! Stands alone on chicken, no sauce needed.

kimlee (Salt Lake City, UT)

We love the mutha cluckin oink rub. Big Daddy Hills rubs are the go to rubs for all our meat smokin and bbq's. We love the sauces. We are excited to try the new mustard sauce. There isn't a rub we don't like. Big Daddy Hills is the best!

We wanted a rub for chicken and pork, but were unimpressed with traditional rubs, so we created Mutha Cluckin' Oink Rub and it does not disappoint!!! So glad you like and thank you for supporting small family owned business.